Hunger is a serious problem in the modern world and in past times . We will never know when it will end but surely it is a problem.There are over 800 million people with hunger, but there is a continent filled with it and it's name is Africa there is allot of hunger there but allot of help to

This problem kills millions of people world wide and will not be solved easily.All the people and the governments need to step it up, but the problem is that we and the governments do not see this and that is probably the second reason poverty,hunger, and aloot of social problems exist

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As you are reading this article people are suffering of the cause of hunger and those people to may be dying to.And the worst part is that 75% of those people they are children. And if you dint know hunger kills more people than aids.if you dint know either here is another fact poor nutrition causes nearly half 45% of deaths in children under five 3.1 million children each that not heart breaking so next time you waste food think about those people and children dying.