Judi Jones

ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development

Hello Instructor Palichuk and Class

I live in a small town called Lampasas, in the beautiful State of Texas. I am about 30 miles from Fort Hood, which is one of the largest United States military installations in the world.

I am the wife of a truck driver and the mother of six (yes six!) boys, ranging in ages from 27 to 12.

I do not have any 'professional' experience working with children, however, after raising six boys, and a few of their friends, I believe that I am completely qualified for anything! I bet I have heard every excuse possible!!


I have completed the following classes that are relevant to child development:

Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Introduction to Curriculum & Instruction for the Early Childhood Classroom
Nutrition & Health of Children & Families

Current and Future Aspirations

What I Hope To Learn


In this class, I hope to learn more about the separation anxiety that children face. Many children just starting school face this problem, and in order for me to be able to help them, I need to obtain the necessary skills/knowledge.