Unit 5: Research Project

Risk and Exploration of Careers

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Part 1: Informative Essay


You will be researching the career that you think you want to pursue (have) in the future. This career will be one of three that you explore.

You will need to think about these things: salary, interest, education, risk, stress, environment, etc. when choosing your career.

Then, you will write an essay about the career and explain what you know about those items.

Part 1: To Do List

1. Topic Exploration and Identification (due 2/4)
2. Research Career Information including:
  • Describe/explain what the career is all about.
  • What level of education do you need?
  • How much money can you earn when you start your career? How much do most people earn in this career?
  • What types of risks are involved in choosing this job?
  • What type of environment will you have to work in? Will it be stressful?
  • What are some other positives and negatives to this career?
  • Why do you find this career interesting?
3. Make an outline for your essay (due 2/9)
4. Write your rough draft (due 2/12)
5. Edit and Revise your essay (2/12)
6. Turn in your essay to Google Classroom. (2/15)

Part 2: Presentation


You will take your essay and turn it into a presentation!

Your presentation should reflect the same information as your essay, plus one more piece.

The additional piece will come from the Naviance career activity we did with Mr. Brenner. What career came up during this exploration and what do you think of it? Compare and contrast this different career field to the one you wrote about in your essay.

Part 2: To Do List

1. Create a presentation through any format (Smore, PowToon, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.) to share the information from your essay. (begin on 2/15)

2. Research information about the career that was identified during the Naviance activity with Mr. Brenner. (in class 2/16)

3. Compare and contrast those two careers and decide which one you find more interesting. Be sure to focus on the qualities you wrote about: money, education, risk, stress, environment, etc. (in class and homework 2/16, 2/17)

4. Edit and Revise (in class 2/18)

5. Present your 2-3 minute presentation to the class! (due 2/19)

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