Reading: It's #2 on the list of things I need in life, right behind air.

Have you ever heard the saying "Books Fall Open. You Fall In?" Well, I fall. I fall a lot, and I'm sure hoping that you do, too! This year, despite all your rigorous classwork and your athletic teams, and your extra-curricular activities, and your hobbies, and your drum-tight social calendar, you must find time to read. Challenge yourself! Make a goal to succeed in the 40 Book Challenge, or to read twice the number of books your read last year, or to read some books that may be a tad out of your comfort zone. Lets bite the dust -- frequently!

Reading Resources

Book Buddies & Book Clubs

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to read in communities. Students are grouped based on the book choices in order to discuss, analyze and enjoy their books with others.

Independent Reading Expectations

Mrs. Flores will regularly assess student abilities to choose books carefully, maintain reading focus, increase reading stamina, progress to book completion, and respond to literature.

Expectations for successful reading include:

Bring two choice books to class daily.

Sit down at the beginning of class and immediately begin reading.

Read with out succumbing to distraction for the designated reading time.

Write in response to reading.

Discuss in response to reading.

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We will be using WWW.NEWSELA.COM to access current, high-interest news articles and practice reading comprehension strategies for non-fiction texts. Sign up for an account that is linked to Mrs. Flores' class.

Here are the CLASS CODES. Make sure you use the correct code based on your class color. Red Class: EDKYX

Yellow Class: IAGON

Green Class: SUKZD

Blue Class: SIXGN

Use your first and last name as a username, and a password of your choice to set up your account. Enter the 5 letter code in all caps, and you will be able to view your assignment in seconds!


YOUR BINDER: Once you have signed up for an account with NEWSELA.COM, you will see your name at the top of the screen and the word BINDER directly to the right of your name. Click on the binder to see what articles I have assigned to you.

ADJUSTING THE READING LEVEL: The articles will be preset to a reading level appropriate for 7th grade students; however, you are welcome to use the remote control on the right side of your screen to "level up" or "level down" according to your needs. Make sure you feel really good about your reading comprehension before taking a quiz.

QUIZ: You need to take the quiz that is appropriate for our grade level -- usually around 1000, but maybe a little below or above. Remember that the article is right there beside the quiz for you to check every one of your answers.

RETAKING a QUIZ: If you are not happy with your score, study the correct answers to your quiz. Think carefully about why these answers are correct. Reread the article and consider adjusting the reading level to boost your comprehension. Then take the quiz that is set a one level above your original quiz level. I will take the higher of the two grades. If you have any questions or need help, come see me in tutorials.
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Blogs and Such

I'm a fan of blogs and pretty much any site that offers entertaining articles. Here's just a few that I think you might find interesting. Check these out, and please let me know if you read other blogs or sites that I can share!

Forever Young Adult
Girls, God and the Good Life
Huffpost Teen
USNews - Teens
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