Scared to Voice Your True Opinion?

Gianna V

Read on if you feel like you need an extra push to share your opinion.

Never the less! We can be your voice. We are going to discuss the slavery issues. Come one, come all, we want any Abolitionist to support the movement. September 17, 1860 come for a stimulating meeting that includes water and desserts, a former slave to tell the horrors of their former lives, and you can give your ideas too! Slave owners, get out of our way, with the help of Tubman, we can save the day.

Slavery Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 16th 1860 at 7pm

76 Franklin St

Watertown, MA

Refreshments will be given.


7:00 pm.

Get your refreshments and get situated.

7:30 pm.

Our guest speaker (former slave) will talk.

8:30 pm.

Open speaking.

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