Lucy's Library Blast

December 8, 2014

Hour of Code Week

This week's Blast is dedicated to Hour of Code week, which is December 8th – 12th. We want our school to celebrate! To help out with that, the Hour of Code Librarian Coaches have put together a week’s worth of announcements, activities, and resources to promote and celebrate the week at West End. Please check out the list of activities. If you want to know more, check out the FAQ’s at This is an awesome opportunity for kids to understand the magic behind computer programming. This can work in any classroom.

Hour of Code Week, Day by Day:

Daily Announcements- Monday, 8th

Last year, 15 million students tried an Hour of Code in one week. Join students all over the world for an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week

Tuesday, 9th

Technology and software historically suffer from an extreme lack of diversity. Last year almost half of all Hour of Code participants were girls, 8% were black and 14% Hispanic. Computer science students at university on average are only 18% female, 3% black, and 8% Hispanic. Anyone can CODE!

Wednesday, 10th

Computer Science is a top paying college degree and computer programing jobs are growing 2X the national average.

Thursday, 11th

Computer Science Majors have an average "starting salary" of $64,000.00.

Friday, 12th

Coding teaches you about the technology you use every day and can teach you how to think differently about any problem.

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Did you know -

A student is much more likely to read a book at home that they started reading at school.

I will be out Tuesday at a MakerSpace tour. Bringing good things to West End!