Majestic Party

By: Niani Pogue

Who are we?

The Majestic Party is formed to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities, endless possibilities, wisdom, and pursuit of dreams. Not only that, but we believe that everyone deserves to be free in any way possible, and coexisting with everyone.
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4 major points

1) Equality- No sexism, no racism, no homophobia/transphobia, freedom of all religions, no fascism, no overall hate.

2) Not interacting in foreign affairs; stay neutral.

3) Affordable education

4) Weapon control

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1 Fact

40% of Americans identify as politically independent.

1 opinion

The Majestic Party is more than likely the most understanding party to have around; while others want to keep old traditions, we are capable of change, and accepting of new ideas and behaviors.

Me for President!

We the people of the Majestic Party wants to bring new ideas to the nation; we don't want to have a "rebirth of the nation" but make it a better life for everyone. Education should be affordable for all, because knowledge is key. People should feel safe and accepted in their own nation, and I want to create that feeling of pride for ones country. Not only that but I believe people should be different and understand that we all are and put aside past differences and live in a judge free zone. However we understand not everyone is always going to agree with each other, but as long as we can come to a mutual agreement and understand the betterment of our country and for our people, than we shouldn't have a problem living amongst one another.