Gordon Adams

Who, What,When,Where,Why

it was an Islamic terrorist group named Al-Qaeda that targeted the world trade center that was located in New York city. This attack happen on September 11,2001. The leader of this attack was Al-Qaeda's leader Bin Laden.
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Perspective #1

9/11 affected the whole world as this article says. it was shown all around even out of the United states. Everyone was to know what happen to our world trade center, it was top headlining in all news cast for almost a week and is even talked about still today.
10 Disturbing 9/11 Facts

Perspective #2

Some people believe that 9/11 was not an outside job that what happen couldn't actually happen. Like people say bush did it saying that it was a planned attack from the government.
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My Perspective

I think that it was a terrorist attack on the US. i don't believe any conspiracy that they say about 9/11 i believe what we saw and something that brought our country closer together to fight for what was wrongfully done to us.

Historical Criticism

This is historical criticism because it change everything about the us and had a very big impact to us.It made us take different actions on how we handle things and what we do during certain situations.

Marxism Criticism

For this criticism Al-Qaeda wanted to gain power over us by trying to take over and destroy our country. They were trying to have that over our head and it ended up making our country stronger. It effect our country a lot ,but it didn't affect the power we have.
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