Using Tablets without Apps


This will assist with training campuses on how to utilize the tablets without depending on apps.

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Infuse Learning

Infuse Learning allows teachers to create online assessments that can be accessed through a web browser. Infuse learning works great on iPads, Kindles, and Android devices. It does not play nicely in Internet Explorer. Students can even draw their responses to send to the teacher.

InfuseLearning - iPad/Tablet Learner Response Solution

Hands on with Infuse Learning

Go to and log in as a student in the top right corner.

Our room number is:



Padlet is a tools that allows the teacher to create a wall. This wall gives a place for student's to post text, photos, and videos. Padlet is a great way to get content off the tablets without the use of an email address.

Google Docs/Forms

Teachers can create a Google Doc and allow for online collaboration between students.

Google Forms can be used for a quick assessment or survey.

Hands on Practice

Click on the link to begin our Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader quiz.

Digital Stories

Here are two websites that can be used by students to create digital stories. Both websites require teachers to sign up, but then student accounts can be created under the teacher account.

Story Jumper: This site allows students to upload their own pictures and create the story.

Story Bird: This site gives students copyright free artwork that they can use as an inspiration for their creative story.

URL Shorteners

Contact Information

This page will be constantly updated as we discover additional ways to integrate the tablets into the classroom. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or for assistance.

Danielle Haymes