By Natalie Chapman


Conductors are things that freely allow the flow of electrons with very little resistance.

Unlike Insulators, conductors do not stop the electricity from flowing onto other things or people. Semiconductors are sorta like conductors, they do not completely stop the flow of electricity but as well do not allow all the electricity to flow.

Real World Example:

Inside cable wires there is copper which is a conductor.

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Semiconductors are materials that do not allow electors to flow freely but do not directly stop them either.

Semi-conductors have more resistance than conductors but less resistance than insulators.

Real World Example:

Computer chips because if they were to be conductors it would be very dangerous and could cause a fire but an insulator would not permit enough electricity.

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Insulators are materials that greatly impede or stop the flow of electrons with very high resistance.

A conductor freely allows electricity to flow while insulators completely stop it from passing onto something else.

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