by Isaac Nevarez

Country basics

The capital for my country is Bern.

The flag for Switzerland is called the Swiss flag and the meaning for the flag is honor.


Switzerland is in Europe; the countries Germany and France border Switzerland.

Two major land forms in Switzerland are the Alp mountain ranges and the Jura mountains.

Two major bodies of water are Lake Constance and Lake Neuchotel.

Some of the cities have high pollution from factory's that affects the health of their citizens.

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They have direct democracy as a form of government.

The leaders are Simonetta Sommaruga,Ueli Maurer, Didier Burkhalter, Dorirs lethard ,Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf,and Johnn Nischeider-Ammann. These people serve as their heads of state and serve as president on a rotational basis. Currently Simonetta Sommarunga is their president.

The leaders are chosen by being elected by the citizens every 4 years. There are no term limits, so they can be re-elected repeatedly.

Every person has to to be treated by state institution without arbitrariness and in good faith.

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Switzerland is a wealthy nation.

Switzerland's money is called the Swiss Franc.

Switzerland's main import is gold.


life expectancy %: 82.70 years

drinking water: tap water

birth rate %: 1.52

literacy rate %: 99

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Switzerland people wears fashionable clothing.

Switzerland's major languages are German and French.

Major holidays are St.Peter & St.Paul, Swiss National Day,and Assumption of Mary.

The main religion is Roman Catholic.

A popular dish is Rosti; it is a potato dish.

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They experience all four seasons. Their winters are very cold, especially in the mountains. The summers are warm, not hot.

The average yearly rainfall is 800cm/year.

The average yearly temperature is 65 F.

The climate makes the country colder than others.

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One significant event in Swiss history is the 2014 immigration. This made their population increase. Another example of a significant historical event was their neutrality during both WWI and WWII. They did not want to become involved in either conflicts.

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Compare and Contrast

Their language is different from ours. In the U.S. we speak English and in Switzerland they speak German and French. Another difference is their money; our money is called U.S. dollars and theirs are called Swiss Francs.

A similarity is also seen in history. Both the United States and Switzerland have had immigration into their country because they seek a better life. Another similarity is seen in geography. Both Switzerland and the United States have mountains ranges.