Vocabulary Project

by: Nolan Yates


The artificial application of water to land or soil.
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Water held underground in the soil or pores and in the crevices.
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The saltiness or disolved content of a body of water.
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A process that removes salt and other minerals from salinized water.
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An artificial or natural lake to keep water.
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Reservoirs affect the California drought because they have very little amount of rainfall.The people of California need as much water as they can get. when the time comes that california needs extra water they can resort back to the reservoirs. Irrigation affects the california drought because the drought meant that they could not water their crops. Even if they could water their crops there would be very little amount of water for the crops to grow. Groundwater affects the drought because groundwater provides drinking water, water for the livestock, means of watering crops, ect. for a large portion of California. It also helps with irragation because if there is no longer groundwater then farmers won't get the water they need. Salinity affects the drought because the Pacific Ocean is all salt water and can't be drank or used for crops. People should not drink salt water. It would be bad for your health. If you drank it, you would get dehydrated. Desalination also affects the drought since the people in California live next to the Pacific Ocean. Because they live right next to the ocean they could definitely use desalinazation to take out all the salt and minerals so that the water can be used to drink and water crops.