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Park Ranger

How does a park ranger benefit society?

Park Ranger's benefit society by enforcing the law more than it is already forced. Park Rangers have more than one job just some of the parts of their jobs are keeping the park cleaned up, fighting fires, enforcing the law (serving as an officer), Search and rescue, ect. Park Rangers do many things that we need to thank them for. But the problem is that America needs more Park Rangers for our conservation and national Parks.

Park Rangers

Education and skills needed

In order to be a park ranger you need to have great physical strength, good health, good eyesight, you need to be creative, resourceful, responsible, and energetic, the education you need is a bachelors degree.

Annual salary and projected job growth

Salary-$61,860 Projected Job Growth-Little or no change (-2% to 2%)

Companies that hire in this field- B=National park service, SC Department of parks, recreations, and tourism, and Texas parks and wildfire.