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October 30, 2020

Dear Families,

In reflection and prayer this week, I’ve been focusing a lot on just how important Catholic education is. Carmie Dunbar gave our faculty a moving reflection on why she has continued to teach at Butte Central for well over 30 years at our weekly staff Prayer and Reflection. She mentioned things like options for more money and better resources teaching at a public school. But her foundational reason to stay invested at BC was her Faith in Catholic education.

“Invested,” has been the main focus for me. We invest in our children to receive the quality education and morals associated with a Catholic education. Based on my experience, all but 11 years of my life have been spent inside the walls of a Catholic school, the investment at Butte Central Elementary and Junior High are well worth the return.

I feel like sometimes we as parents take advantage of the fact that our children are being educated by a school that takes investment and sacrifice. But listening to reflections like Mrs. Dunbar’s, the sacrifice goes beyond just the families that choose Butte Central Elementary and Junior High, we as a community share in the sacrifice. That alone show’s us just how important your child’s development is to our teachers.

Taking my parent hat off, and putting my principal hat on, we in Butte have an opportunity to share just how important Catholic education is. A school whose mission is grounded in love, humility, and servitude. Combined with the care and commitment to excellence in and outside the classroom. It’s time to be the “beacon on the hill,” as Jesus points out in Matthew. Ultimately as Christians, we are called by Jesus to be the example, with Him being the greatest example. Our gift from God to know what it means to be truly human. And there is no better place to invest in our children this example than in a Catholic school. Where day in, and day out, these examples and lessons are preached. As Pope Francis says in only 6 words, “Catholic education gives soul to world.” Parent hat back on, what better investment is there than to hope for our children to serve the world?

God Bless,