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Pericles and His Accomplishments.

Pericles was the most important political man in Ancient Greece, especially during the golden age. Even though he came from an aristocratic family, Pericles supported democracy.His accomplishments affected ancient Greece.His most important achievement was the construction of Parthenon. Parthenon was built to honor their protector, Athena. Other accomplishments included having the city pay it's officials, meaning poor citizens could hold office. Pericles was also known for making Athens a beautiful city. Pericles made many important changes to Athens, Greece.

The Greek Gods of Athens

Influence of Greek Gods

The Greek Gods and Goddesses were honored throughout Greece. Each one of them had responsibilities such as a goddess of wisdom and war and, say, a god of the oceans. Each person controlled different areas. The people of Greece honored them in many ways. Every four years, an Olympian festival honored the god, Zeus. Every one of the 12 important gods also had their own temple. Animals also were used. When they would go to was, Greece would sacrifice an animal to Ares, the god of war. At oracles, gods gave advice, and the future. Most of the time, Greece would listen to the advice. The main gods were Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Hermes, Poseidon, and Demeter.

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Visual and Dramatic Arts

Significance of Parthenon

Parthenon was significant to ancient Greece. Pericles made the acropolis. The best work was Parthenon. It was made out of marble and was dedicated to Athena. The columns of marble surrounded the building. It also "protected" the goddess Athena's statue, made out of wood ivory and gold. it was significant to Greece because Athena was one of the "12 Olympians." Greece believed that by honoring the gods, they would get something in return, like advice. Parthenon was also named for Athena because Athens was named after Athena and it would make sense for Athena to be their protector. That was how Parthenon was significant to ancient Greece.

Visual and Dramatic Arts

How did Greek use Visual and Dramatic Arts in their lives? Visual art could be Architecture or Sculpturing. They used both on the Parthenon (the building and statue of Athena), and based on that, they could make visual arts just like it. There were many kinds of dramatic art, There were dramas and comedies. Athenians were the first people known to write dramas; the most known in dramas are tragedies, which were very serious and ended in a tragedy. Athenians also wrote comedies. Comedies made fun of people and customs in Athens in that day. This shows how the Greek used Visual and Dramatic Arts in their lives.

The best of Ancient Greece

The best part about Ancient Greece was learning about the Visual and Dramatic Arts, and the Greek science and philosophy.