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April 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that spring is officially here, we are much happier in 4th grade! The kids are getting outside each day and are enjoying the warmer weather! No more snowpants...hopefully.

Here are some important reminders for the next few weeks!

  • Check Powerschool for report cards next week!
  • Shadow Days @ LV April 15th
  • Ethnic Food Day April 17th (2:00 P.M.)

THANK YOU to everyone that came to our Wax Museum this week! Your children were amazing performers! We received numerous compliments about how IMPRESSED visitors were with the projects! Bravo 4th graders! Bravo!

*Wax Museum Presentations will be posted on our website by Monday for you to view!

Check out our hallway display APRIL SHOWERS BRING MUD .... Poems

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Ben Franklin

We've been working hard! Here's a glimpse of our week!

Math: We assessed fractions/decimals (Chapter 7-2). Now we're on to geometry! We're learning about the different types of angles and how we use letters to name angles. Some of the key vocabulary are: Acute, Right & Obtuse Angles, Vertex, Endpoint, Line, Line Segment, Ray, Degree.

Reading:We're really diving in to close reading strategies to gain understanding independently in our text. I'm teaching your children to always read with a pencil and annotate/mark up their text. Please encourage your child to read each night for at least 20-30 minutes. This is so important for him/her to become a better reader. Keep in mind I'll be assessing reading levels at the end of May and the goal for each student is to be at or above a level "S". You can help your child at home by having him/her read to you aloud and make sure they are self-correcting their errors and that they can carry on a solid conversation about the main points of the text.

Social Studies: We're working on our immigrant flyers. The research requirements for this are on our weebly under "curriculum/Social Studies/Immigrants. Please check your students' work to ensure he/she is putting together quality work.

Writing: This week we began discussing the characteristics of poetry, prose and drama. Students are going to be working on this unit for the next several weeks. The will be responsible for knowing characteristics of the 3 mentioned above as well as know and understand aspects of poetry. You can check your child's "Notability" app under writing to see if they're keeping up with the notes in class.

Words Their Way: New Sort Next Week!

Parents: I need YOUR help!

As we dive into the 4th quarter, please talk with your child about the importance of finishing the year strong and keeping up with the expectations or quality of work/effort and being responsible in class. This time of year I notice students begin to "slip" a bit regarding their work because the weather is getting nice. We all get that "spring fever" and can be guilty of putting priorities aside to get out and play! I just want to make sure that work is being completed at the 4th grade level expectations and that students are communicating with you about what's expected each day. Please continue to consult the daily planner EVERY day, and ask to SEE work that your child claims is complete. Let me know if you have any questions regarding work/behavior at any time! Thanks in advance!

Nuclear Power Plant Fieldtrip!

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