Charlotte Kelly

What's the Issue?

Women are being paid less than men for doing the same jobs, and 40% of this gap in pay is a result of discrimination against women.

In fact, women make an estimated 79 cents for every dollar men with the same jobs as them make. This difference adds up to about $10,800 a year, or $500,000 by the end of a career. Also, educated women tend to make less than their less educated male colleagues.

The wage gap is an issue especially for women of color. African-American women make approximately 60% of what their white male coworkers make, while Hispanic women make about 55% of what their white male coworkers make.

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Controversy Behind Pay Inequality

This issue is controversial mainly because many people don't believe that the wage gap is even an issue. These people claim the inequality of pay between men and women can be justified by the quality of the work done, or the education or experience of the employee.

Others notice that the wage gap is, in most cases, an issue of discrimination.

Donald Trump's Plan

Donald Trump says he will not come out with a concrete plan to close the wage gap until there is a complete review of the economy, but still claims he supports the closing of the gap. However, Trump has not made his support clear, stating that women will "make the same if [they] do as good a job," as their male colleagues.
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Republicans in Congress' Plan

The Republicans in Congress have blocked the Democrats' Paycheck Fairness Act three times in Senate, but have created the Workplace Advancement Act, which will make the punishment of employees who discuss their salaries with coworkers illegal.

Hillary Clinton's Plan

Hillary Clinton sponsored and called for the Paycheck Fairness Act to be passed, which consists of things like a minimum wage increase and paid family leave. Clinton believes that pay inequality will become a bigger political ad economic issue and wants to use the federal government and the Department of Labor to close the wage gap. Clinton says that "We need to use the federal government, the Department of Labor and others, to really encourage more transparency, to get more public information." She also will require that all companies review their pay fairness.
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democrats in congress' plan

The Democrats in Congress have passed the Paycheck Fairness Act, which calls for employers to report wage data by gender to the federal government, negotiation skills training for women, help for women suing their employers if they've been earning less than their male coworkers for the same work, and other programs that will be beneficial in closing the wage gap.

other candidates' plans

Jill Stein Supports closing of the gap and believes businesses should have to show the ranges in salary for each position.

Gary Johnson doesn't believe mean and women with the same jobs should be paid the same. Johnson thinks salary should be based on factors such as performance, education, and experience of the employee.

helpful organizations for pay inequality

  • AAUW (American Association of University Women)
  • NOW (National Organization for Women)
  • The WAGE (Women Are Getting Even) Project
These are just a few organizations fighting against wage discrimination against women. There are currently no organizations trying to prevent the closing of the wage gap.
Get Even Video by The WAGE Project

my views

As a girl, pay equality and gender inequality as a whole is very important to me. I find it extremely unfair and troubling that just because I am a woman, I may not be paid the same as the men I work with. The wage gap shouldn't even be an issue anymore. It is 2016 and women have shown that they can be just as powerful, if not more, than men, and shouldn't have to fight to be treated the same.