Celia Guajardo


My dad is Pablo, he is the coolest dad ever because he is always understanding and likes to communicate with me. I love my dad so much because resonantly have moved out and got engaged, and i have more open towards him.


Paul is who i live with and he is funny, understanding, helpful, and enjoyable to be around with. He also has a crazy family that is so sweet. Paul graduated last year 2013. He is going to help me in any work that i need from school because he knows it already and i would understand it much better and he doesn't want to forget once he goes to college next year. :)

My Favorite Memorie

One of my favorite memories to remember is riding the bus on the way to the loading-dock because, that was the day that i meet my boyfriend Paul. My cousin introduced us to each other and from then on we just stared talking and we knew from the moment that we saw each other that we are going to be together for ever.

favorite animal

My favorite animal are rabbits because, the are so cute and fuzzy.

As of right now I don't have a hobby but i am working on having one. What i do like to do is listen to music and sing even though I am not that good at it and I also like to play with my niece Kayla.

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