Hot Air Balloon

By: Christie and Sathvika

Q1) What function relating the variables best describes this situation?

f(x)=800-20x or d(t)=800-20t

Q2) Make a table of values and a graph to show the balloon's altitude every 5 min. beginning at 5 min. before the balloon was sighted the balloon lands.

Q3) How high was the balloon 5 min. before it was sighted? Show graph and explain.

900, because 5 min. before it was 800 ft, so plug in -5 in x. The answer would be 900

Q4) How high was the balloon to reach an altitude of 20 ft? How long does it take the balloon to land? Show graph and explain.

  1. It was 40 ft when it reached an altitude of 20 ft.
  2. It took 39 min. for the balloon to land

Question #5

  • d(t)=1200-20t
  • 2nd balloon took 60 min. to land so 60-40= 20 min.
  • 2nd balloon takes longer to land
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Question #6

  • f(x)=800-30t
  • 39-26.6=12.4 min
  • It takes seconds faster for the third balloon to land.

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Question #7

  • f(x)=30x
  • It's at the same altitude 15 min. Later at 480 ft.
  • Graphically Q#- Where they intercept
  • First balloon: Black Line Fourth Balloon: Purple Line

Question #8

  • Answer: 1200 ft
  • 0=1200-30x40