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Romeo Montague

About me

NAME: Romeo Montague

Hometown: Verona, Italy

Birthday: 13th March 1573

Place of Birth: Verona, Italy

Family: -Lady Montague

-Lord Montague

-Benvolio Montague

Relationship: Married to Juliet Capulet

Friends section

My two best friend's are mercutio and benvolio

Mercutio- is one of my best mates because he makes me laugh

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Benvolio- he is my closest cousin and my best mate and he is usually by my side when i am not moaning and groaning around
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Profile picture

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music, books and films

I like classical music and i like to read romance books when i am alone and have my own time to read and i like most types of film/ plays put if i had to pick a favorite play it would be tragic
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