Exploring Toronto's population

By: Kamil Haris

Observations in Toronto

Toronto is a big city and is the capital of Ontario. It is more developed than Mississauga, there are many high rise buildings in Toronto compared to Mississauga. Toronto has big streets and a lot of land area where as Mississauga has less area. The streets in Toronto get very crowded and congested at certain times and have a lot of traffic during rush hours, the main streets and highways in Toronto are more prone to having traffic. Mississauga does not get too crowded and has a more open space and there is less traffic on the streets during rush hours. Toronto has many types of transportation systems which include, subways, buses and street cars compared to Mississauga, which does not have subways or street cars for transportation because it was never planned by the mayor. Toronto has a lot of commercial land use, in downtown their are a lot of shopping malls, many attractions, Stores and neighborhood plaza's. The CN tower is a big attraction in Toronto and the Toronto Eaton center which is a huge shopping mall where you can find any brand with a wide range of selections. Mississauga does not have many commercial Buildings in their city, they have mostly open spaces where many people are spread out, there are commercial buildings mostly in the square one area where many people go to shop and live. A lot of the buildings in Toronto take up institutional land use, their are a lot of office buildings and schools in the downtown area which are packed together and make the city very dense compared to Mississauga which schools and offices are very spread out in different places. There is a mix of residential areas in Toronto, there are many high rise apartments and neighborhoods compared to Mississauga. In Mississauga their are many neighborhood communities scattered across the city and not many apartments across the city, there are few apartments that are still in development in some places.

My learning on the trip

During the trip I learned that Toronto is a very big city packed with different people from different cultures. I like the high rise buildings and apartments but i now know that it is very expensive to live there. There are many tight areas and there is not much room to drive and park your cars, you have to pay for the parking and its costs you a lot. I learned that a lot of people use transportation systems such as subways, street cars and buses to get to work from far cities like Mississauga, its much easier than driving a car to work because of a lot of traffic. On the streets of Toronto I saw that there are so many people that walk around and it gets very crowded when people try get to work or are going to shopping malls. The shopping malls in Toronto were very big compared to Mississauga's malls, there was more variety in Toronto to buy clothing and Electronics. The apartment buildings in Toronto had few grocery stores below them which made it more convenient to buy your daily breads than go to a shopping centre which was very far, but i found out that it was more expensive to go and buy groceries because of how convenient it was. When I reached in Chinatown I saw that a lot of the shops and stores were selling there goods outside like fruits and vegetables which I think are more better quality. I think a lot of areas in Toronto are very dense especially around apartment buildings and office buildings when people try to get to work. I really like the fact that there are many different kinds of cultures which you can learn about on the streets and that its a safe city to live in.
Toronto: the most multicultural city in the world
This video shows a small preview of Toronto cities streets, attractions, buildings and population. It shows the population on the streets and how congested it is during the day.