The Civil War Battles

By:Jazmin Sanchez 4/9

Battle of Galveston

The Battle of Galveston was in Texas on January 1, 1863. The battle happened when the Confederate States were under Major General John B. Magruder. This battle occurred in the city of Galveston ,and happened because the Union captured Galveston. This was where all of the important ports were. The Confederacy won this battle. There were two battles at Galveston but at different times.

Battle of Sabine Pass

The Battle of Sabine Pass was in September 8, 1863 and in Jefferson County, Texas.The battle started when the Union found out that the Confederacy had taken two gunboats and 350 men.The Principal commanders where William B. Franklin and Captain Frederick Crocker. The Union won the Battle of Sabine Pass.There were two battles in Jefferson County, Texas during the Civil War.

Battle of Brownsville

The Battle of Brownsville was in November 2-6, 1863 on Cameron County,Texas pass the Rio Grande and right on Matamoros, Mexico.This battle was almost the same as The Battle Palmito Ranch. The one of the things that changed was the distance because it went all the way to Matamoros and Tamaulipas.

Battle Red River

The Battle Red River was on March 10-May 22 , 1864. It was near McClellan Creek in Gray County, Texas.This battle was the last Civil War battle because the Civil War ended in 1865.This war had happened because the Native Americans wanted to take over in the Western Frontier. It was mostly between the Comanche and the Kiowa.

Battle Palmito Ranch

The Battle of Palmito Ranch was in Cameron County which is near Brownsville and its second name is Palmito Hill.It occurred in May 12-13, 1865. The principal commanders were Col. Theodore H. Barrett and Col. John S. "RIP" Ford.The battle was because the Union and the Confederacy could not agree on the forces for the Rio Grande.The Palmito battle was the battle after the civil war. It was during reconstruction.

Reflection Over the Civil War

The Civil War was a very opinion based war. I think that it was opinion based because the North believed that African Americans should not be slaves and the South believed that they should be slaves because of their skin color. But that's not all , the Civil War had other reasons why it started like state rights and things including economy. The Civil War is one of the most deadly/ bloody wars. Brothers had to go against each other which was really sad. During the Civil War many states decided to secede and no fight. It was just like the West ; they wanted to talk it out but instead they went to war. I think that the Civil War was one of my favorite wars because it has so much meaning and it also has many things that are ridiculous because it has no reason behind it.