Welcome to Chloe and Isabel

Team Fabulous Flyers #FabFlyers

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This welcome video is a tad old but I hope you will enjoy!


Meet your new Biz Partner, Manager, Leader, Friend and Mentor

My name is Vanessa Kromer DMM~ Divisional Merchandise Manager for Chloe and Isabel. I have been in leadership with this company for over 3 years now and have been a merchandiser for almost 3 1/2 years. I am a professional dance teacher as well, over 35 years on the dance floor and 20 years teaching. I recently hung up my dancing shoes and retired last year when I was offered the opportunity to work in leadership as a full-time career with Chloe and Isabel. I LOVE working with entrepreneurs and people just like you who want to dream big and start their own business. I also have a degree in success and life coaching and I have my own business doing that on that side as well. AS you can see, I love to work with people and help them to become successful!!

I am a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a business owner just like you

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Important Groups....

Upon becoming FB friends....which needs to happen asap, I will be adding you to our FB team page! Please bookmark and stay active on this page....Team #FabFlyers~ Chloe + Isabel. We are also part of TEAM FLAMINGO which includes several other leaders around the country and her teams, for a sense of BIGGER community. The #FabFlyer page and the Flamingo page is where you need to be :)

Also, I will add you to a marketing FB page that has tons of great social media posts and graphics for you to use!!

We will also have our Merch Perch platform as well.

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Some FUN Facts.....

#dailydown means that you have a customer order!!!

#FabFlyers is the hashtag for our team The Fabulous Flyers

We are a TOP 10 team and always have been. We are normally found, on average, in spots 5 thru 10 in the NATION!!!!

www.picmonkey.com is a great FREE website for creating images

www.canva.com is my FAV image creator

The phone app A Beautiful Mess is my FAV go to app for creating images on my cell phone

I am an Isabel for sure...how about you??

Our FB team page is home for YOU!! There is so much support and love there!!

You can order jewelry busts online...I love the linen ones!!! Google linen jewelry busts to find online suppliers! OR purchase directly from your business supply tab on your website for the BEST prices in town!

Some IMPORTANT Fast Starter Info

Fast Starter INFO~~~~~>
*You have 60 days in your fast start!
*The 1st 30 days you will get 50% off all purchases for yourself
*After 30 days you get 30% off
*Your goal is to hit 1K in sales by the end of your sixty days, you will get $200 in free credits
*Schedule your grand opening asap!!!!
*Create your own customer account on your boutique with a second email address of yours, THIS will be how you can host your own pop up
*Please go thru the online academy and register for the training calls PLEASE please please!!! I have 200-500 women that I manage so I cannot go thru every single detail with each of you. It is imperative that you take the lead and educate yourself as well!!
*I work FULL TIME as a manager for Chloe and Isabel, 6am thru 3pm M-F from home. I take late afternoon appts as needed however, this is my full time job so please be respectful of my availability as well!! I also have 5 daughters so I am very busy!!!
*Your ADP payment card will come in the mail asap!
*ANY and all tech issues, jewelry issues or paycheck issues are to be directed to the Care Dept. Chloe + Isabel Care Team
Call between 7am-7pm M-F PST
* I am your BIGGEST cheerleader and business coach!!! I will hold you accountable and keep your momentum UP!!!!

*Make sure to sign up for ALL the training calls right away! Register HERE~~~>>


*What is a POP UP??? It is our name for a party or trunk show!! It is anytime you are selling our jewels, in person, online, at a vendor event, biz partnership, etc....

*Start going thru your online academy as soon as your get started!

*Customize your boutique asap!


Send this out to your friends and family

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Pop Up Shop goals

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Fast Start 4 Week Checklist!!

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Commission Levels

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YOUR C+I Contact List

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