History of The Christmas Tree

Why Christmas trees? And Why light them?

Christmas trees specifically the evergreen were put up in peoples homes starting in the 16th and 17th centuries to symbolize life in the midst of winter. Also for thousands of years it has been used to celebrate ceremonials, and winter festivals also.

The Lighting of the Tree

Martin Luther was the first person to decorate the Christmas tree that came a long way to becoming a tradition that is still used today. Although he didn't use lights to light his tree up, he used candles instead because the electrical lights we have today were not yet invented.
The Christmas tree wasn't always decorated with lights because they weren't yet invented, This was why when Martin Luther decorated his small tree for the first time he used candles instead. But by 1882 Thomas Edison's assistant Edward Johnson had came up with the idea of electrical lights for Christmas trees of course. They were not mass produced until 1890.
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