Mrs. Foulk's News


Important Information About Our Specials Schedule:

Our special's schedule will change after our winter break. Starting Monday, January 5th, our schedule will be as follows:






Students will need tennis shoes on THURSDAY now instead of WEDNESDAY.

Important Dates:

12/20-1/4 Winter Break
1/5- Classes Resume

Next Week:

Math: Our new unit will introduce the concept of finding patterns in various mathematical situations.

Writing: We will publish our memoir next week. We will begin discussing what it means to write an opinion piece.

Reading: We will continue our government unit. Next week will finish up discussing the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and begin discussing the important of our Constitution.

Steam Boat Arabia Field Trip

Colonial Times:

Students worked in partners to research what life was like before our country became its own nation. They found "fun-facts" and created anchor charts to share their information with the class. Below are some examples of their work. Be sure to ask your third grader what they thought of how life was in the colonial period.
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No Taxation Without Representation!!!

We learned why some colonist believed that they were being treated unfairly by recreating an unfair tax scenario. Our kind taxed our colony based on whether they were wearing glasses, if they had ties on their shoes or if they had a brother. Their tax was to give a decided upon amount of money (candy). The king then decided how much candy the colonist could have from his amount. We had quite the "angry mob". This activity brought us to the purpose of the Declaration of Independence. Ask your third grade what they learned about this important document.