Empowerment Temple AME Church

Hospitality Ministry

Empowerment Temple AME Church

4217 Primrose Ave

Baltimore, Maryland 21215

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Welcome to the Hospitality Ministry of Empowerment Temple AME Church

Thank you for your interest in the Empowerment Temple Hospitality Ministry. We want to continue to grow a strong ministry and we welcome you to be a member of the hospitality ministry. Sis. Brenda Powell is our Ministry Leader.

Please contact hospitalityministry@empowermenttemple.org

You may begin serving on Sunday whenever you are ready as long as you have completed the New Members classes. Held Tuesday evening 6pm to 7:25pm prior to Bible Study and every 3rd Saturday 9:00am to 11:30am.

Please see any member of the hospitality ministry at 7:00am for the 7:30am service, 9:00am for the 9:30am service, or 11:00am for the 11:30am service to be assigned a post and paired with a seasoned ministry member.

Our Sunday service attire to be worn when serving is as follows:

Fall/Winter Colors - September - April

1st Sunday - Black or Black and White

2nd Sunday - Gray

3rd Sunday - Blue

4th Sunday - Brown

5th Sunday - Earth Tones

-We are not permitted to wear jeans while serving

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Answer questions that congregants may have related to the church or services. If an answer cannot be provided, direct the person to call the church at: 443-738-0460

  • The hospitality ministry is responsible for the outside areas of the sanctuary (i.e. doors, hallways, bathrooms)

  • The hospitality ministry assists congregants on the outside of the sanctuary and pass members off to the Ambassadors who are responsible for the inside of the sanctuary.

  • Actively greet every person who enters Empowerment Temple. Greet each person with a “Good Morning”, “How are you”, “Welcome to Empowerment Temple”, “Glad to see you this morning”, etc.

  • Greet each person who enters the church with a smile. Shake hands or give a hug if you feel comfortable.

  • Direct congregants to the entrance to the sanctuary, bathrooms, ministry tables, media sales, etc.

  • Kindly ask congregants not to bring or do the following in the sanctuary:

  • Food
  • Drinks (may conceal but cannot drink in sanctuary)
  • Bring strollers or infant seats into the sanctuary due to safety concerns
  • Talk on cell phones
  • Wear hats (men)

  • Keep hallways clear and orderly at all times.

  • Create lines and directions for entering the sanctuary. Congregants cannot enter the sanctuary during prayer, doxology, scripture readings, or any other times the sanctuary doors are closed. Follow Ambassadors lead on when and where the congregants enter the sanctuary.

  • If any suspicious or abnormal behavior is noticed, quietly notify Sis. Brenda or designated members of COPS – ONLY.

  • If someone asks to speak to Pastor Bryant or a member in the Pastor's office, direct them to the COPS office.

  • Duties:
  • Serve at least two Sundays a month
  • Be on post 30 minutes before the service you are serving (Prayer before serving) and remain on post until the sermonic selection. 7:00am, 9:00am, 11:00am
  • Dress in appropriate attire for the particular Sunday or event
  • Wear ministry badge on left side and visible to all- if you are not serving then please do not wear your badge.
  • Attend ministry meetings
  • Attend fellowships
  • Attend bible study, trainings, ministry events
  • Serve outside of Sunday service as needed – funerals, church-wide events, assist other ministries
  • Pay dues in a timely manner


After serving with the ministry for at least a month and attending a meeting, you may receive a badge to be worn when serving. The badges are $11.75. The monthly dues is $10.00. You can pay your dues at our monthly meetings. Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at the church in the left balcony at 6:15pm.