Mended Hearts Foster Newsletter

January 2016

Thank you!

Thank you to each and every one of you for opening up your home and hearts to an animal in need.

We will be sending out a monthly foster newsletter alongside the volunteer newsletter in hopes to increase communication. The newsletters will contain important rescue updates, tips for foster parents and any animals that may need fostered. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see in the newsletter please email us at

Dog/Cat Food

If you need dog or cat food for your foster animal please contact Jared! We have both wet and dry food in stock! We always provide food when needed so please don't hesitate to ask.

To arrange to get dog/cat for please contact Jared at cell: 317-430-8468. Text preferred.

Flea Treatment and Heartworm Prevention for fosters

We supply heart worm and flea prevention for all foster animals. We will be working to put together packets for each foster home with a few months supply of each item.

Once we have a pick up location set up and supplies put together we will let you all know.

Foster Home Contract

If you have not signed a recent foster home contract please email us at We will send you over a blank copy to sign.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten their signed contracts sent over. We appreciate it.

Dog/Cat Medical Spreadsheet for Fosters

One of the items that was mentioned in the volunteer survey is foster parents being able to track and know what their foster animal needs and when it's due.

We came up with a spreadsheet that includes most of the medical care that any foster animal in our rescue would need. There will will always be things outside of the norm that can be added to each spreadsheet if needed.

As each foster parent gets an animal you will be sent a link for their spreadsheet via a google doc. All previous medical care will be entered into the spreadsheet and then Rachael will work with the foster home to schedule medical care.

If you have any questions regarding this please don't hesitate to ask!

Who do I contact if we have medical concerns?

Emergency Medical Care:

If you have an emergency concerning your foster animal you can contact Jared at 317-430-8468 or Tara at 317-557-9439. We will work to figure out the best place to go for the medical care needed.

All basic medical care will be scheduled by Rachael. She will work alongside the foster parents to get everything scheduled when convenient for the foster. Rachael will also assist in setting up transport if needed. Rachael's contact info: email: Cell Phone: 317-989-9466 Texting is easiest when possible due to work schedule.

Fecals Testing

We will now be doing fecal testing for all animals that come into our rescue. Alissa has kindly offered her services to get fecals completed.

These will be completed in 1 of 2 ways.

1) Alissa will read fecals on Monday's when she goes to IACC if we are looking at potential foster dogs. That way we know what the dog may need.

2) If the animal is pulled on a day other than when Alissa is at the shelter or if the animal comes from a shelter other than IACC, we are asking foster parents to please bring poop samples to Alissa at her house or IACC. Please contact Alissa either on Facebook or via text 317-432-7360 to set up drop off.

Samples will need to be double bagged and less than 24 hours old.

Foster pictures and bio information!

Please send all bios and pictures to Dawn at You are also welcome to text photos to Dawn at 317-457-8553.