Weekly Update

Here's what's scheduled for the week!

Discussion Board Posting

Review PEMDAS. Create and solve 3 multi-step equations. Create and share one with the class. Solve at least 2 of your classmates equations. Due Friday

Elluminate Session on Thursday

Be prepared to discuss progress on your current group project. This session is to share ideas and answer any questions as we enter the final stage of completion. We will also introduce the next learning module. Log in by 1:30 pm.

Quiz next Monday

Quiz over multi-step equations. For more practice problems click on the link below:

When in doubt, give a shout out!

Don't forget to post your questions to the Q&A discussion board. Odds are, if you're thinking it, so is someone else! If you would prefer, you can always email me privately: colleenpjohnson7@gmail.com