Where do babies come from?



The mother

  1. The first trimester is usually crucial for the mom because she needs all the support she could have either from a family member or friends or the husband which he could use a paternity leave from his job.
  2. There are some symptoms the mom might experience like nausea, frequent urination, or serious breechblock
  3. The second trimester is usually called the golden period because it is between 14 to 26 weeks and contraction starts then to bother both the mom and baby.
  4. The final trimester is when the baby is delivered everything is a miracle
  5. But when the miracle happens everything is at rest and they mom could take care of the child.

The Baby

  1. The first trimister is when the fetus is develop ears and teeth begins forming
  2. The baby nervous system is starts digestive system and nervous system
  3. The baby normally needs to be healthy so that it can survive for better
  4. The baby gains weight when it systems are developed
  5. Also the body system grow into high maintenance.

Few Advice's Do and Don't about pregnancy.(5)

The positive

Always make sure that the baby is always healthy.

And try to relax so that when the comes out it can easily slide out of the mom.

Try to stay in good shape.

Eat nutrious food.

And stay positive all the time.

The negative

Don't take drugs because it can affect the baby and the mom.

Don't try abortion it kills the baby.

Don't eat junk foods it can make the baby fat.

Never try or think of getting the baby hurt in one of the trimesters.

Try to make the baby comfortable.

Stages of Childbirth


By Dennis Danso