January 2014

Room 25 News

We're off to a great start in 2014!

Please join me in welcoming our two new students, Otavio and Sofina! They have been friendly additions to our team, and Rm 25 students have been responsible, caring, and helpful role models for them! We have picked up our studies right where we left off in December:
  • Math: TONS of team work, constructive learning, critical thinking, and presenting of ideas related to equal sharing and division problems. Did you learn division this way? [Divide three-digit dividends by one-digit divisors] I sure didn't! It requires a much deeper comprehension of number sense, friendly multiples, basic fact patterns, and fact families! It's like a puzzle...I AM LOVING IT and so are our students!
  • Reading/Writing: Informative essays based on non-fiction resources/articles; close reading, analyzing text, and thinking critically about fiction and non-fiction texts; spelling and grammar.
  • Science: Study of electricity has now segued into electromagnetism. In class lessons are supplemented with weekly science labs.
  • Social Studies: Many tech projects about CA HIstory in "New Spain:" Spanish exploration, missions, presidios, and ranchos! (Read about our upcoming study trips below).
  • Fine Arts: Students have been preparing artwork based on CA missions, and have been learning California songs and square dancing in Music to prepare for our "Go West" performance in March!

Walk Through California is Friday, 1/17!

Students have been busy preparing and memorizing their California History Card which they will present during our on-campus study trip. All parents are welcome to watch this energetic, entertaining, and informative walk through California history; please check in at the front office!

Room 25 students will participate from 12:00pm - 2:30pm (we will eat lunch beforehand). Please help your child decide upon some historic attire to wear...no need to buy a costume! (see below)

Study trip to Rancho Buena Vista Adobe is approaching! ONE CHAPERONE STILL NEEDED!

Our trip to Rancho Buena Vista Adobe, an original 1845 Mexican Land Grant, is quickly approaching. Our visit will include a bus ride to Vista, a tour of the Rancho, and hands-on experience tooling/branding and candle making. Please take note of the information below:

  • When: Monday, January 27th
  • Where: Meet in your child’s classroom at 8:15 AM sharp
    • Return: About 1:15pm (Pick up regular 2:38 PM dismissal)
  • Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
My room needs one more chaperone for this trip! Parents will carpool to the Rancho. Please email me ASAP if you can/are interested in chaperoning! Thank you.

Bring backpack with binder and books to school (we will use them upon returning in the afternoon), as well as:

  • Sack lunch
  • Water bottle
  • Warm sweater or sweatshirt (we’ll be outside)

NOTE: Please do not bring electronic games etc…This is school time!

Winter MAP Testing Mid-January

Room 25 will soon participate in Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments (given in the fall, winter, and spring). Please ensure your child is well prepared on their testing day with a healthy breakfast & lunch, and a good night's sleep the night before.

This adaptive assessment now incorporates Common Core questioning and standards, and requires perseverance and brainpower on the part of each student. Students will each make personal goals to strive for, and will write down their favorite positive affirmations to keep them motivated! Each test is untimed, but typically takes most fourth graders 40 - 80 minutes to complete. Students who are absent on testing days may make them up.

  • MAP Reading: Wednesday, January 22nd @ 1:00pm
  • MAP Math: Wednesday, January 29th @ 8:35am

One-minute timed reading fluency assessments will take place on Monday, January 13! Proficiency (4th grade, winter) is 114 correct words per minute.

Remember to Check Edmodo for Student Work Completed Online

Students take Reading Selection Tests online as well as turn in Science Labs, and post their own technology projects through our Virtual Classroom - Edmodo. Please remember to either A.) ask your child to SHOW you their (partial) grades, or B.) check your child's (partial) grades via your Edmodo parent account. Staying in touch with your child's progress, struggles, and accomplishments is important!

Has your child shared with you their "Teach-A-Friend" math lesson created on the Educreations app? I suggest you take some family time to watch and celebrate their lessons, as well as to stay in touch with their level of proficiency using technology. You can also view the constructive comments left by your child's teammates, and then view the goals your child made for themselves for future projects. The process from start to finish has been very rewarding for our students. Maybe they can teach YOU how to create a lesson for your workplace...wouldn't that be fun?! :)

January is a fun month to be a Fourth Grader!

Thank you for your continued support of our classroom, and our school!