Girl Online

By Zoe Sugg


The genres of this book are romance and drama.


The theme of this book is


The protagonist of this book is Penny Porter, a sixteen year-old girl living in Brighton with her parents and brother.


One of the antagonists in this book is Megan who used to be Penny's best friend but had changed over the course of time. The main antagonist in this book is cyber bullying, Penny has an anonymous blog and in one of the posts she writes about a boy she meets in New York, Brooklyn Boy is what she calls him. Megan's boyfriend looks at her computer and sees this and tells Megan that Penny knows, rock star Noah Flynn. Megan tells the internet and Penny is crowded with hate because that Noah Flynn is supposed to be dating,mega pop-star Lia Brown.

Main Character's Dicription

Penny Porter is clumsy, shy, and also caring. She is clumsy when she talks about a blog post that she made when she fell head-first into a wheeling trashcan(Pg. 19). "You never know-- maybe some of your followers have gone through the same thing. Remember that time when you posted about your clumsiness?"-Elliot She is shy when she meets Noah or Brooklyn Boy so she hides behind a curtain until he sees her because of the flash of her camera(pg. 115). "How did you get in? Who sent you here?"-Noah Penny is caring when she tells Noah she wanted to start a toy orphanage when she was little because she hated to see abandoned toys (pg. 137) "I hate thought of abandoned toys. when I was younger, I wanted to start a toy orphanage. But then it got a bit out of control because every time we went to a school fair or walked past a charity shop I'd want to rescue every toy in there"-Penny


In the beginning the setting is in Brighton which affects the story because its where she gets the news that her mom and her are going to New York to plan a wedding. The other setting in this book is New York and this is where she meets Noah Flynn who shows her around Brooklyn.


there is man vs. himself within Penny because of her panic attacks and man vs man because of the people on the internet bullying her for Noah "cheating" on Lia Brown with her.


I thought this book was great because it showed that if something bad were to happen that time is the best healer.