1st Impressions

What are the best ways to make a great 1st impression?

One great way is to dress nicely

You should dress nicely, not look like you just didn't care and went however you want. Now, the way you dress may also depend on what meeting you are looking to attend. If you are going for a high class business interview, you should dress the best you can. If it is not as high class, you could dress in a more casual fashion.

another good way is to look like you care

If you look like you really want the job, then you will have a way better chance than someone who looks like they don't care weather or not they get the job.


You want to have a firm handshake when greeting the employer. You want to give a good handshake, not like a dead fish, but you don't want to break their arm either. You also want to look the person in the eyes.

Speak up!

When going for an interview you always want to speak up. That doesn't mean you have to yell, just don't mumble. You want to sound like you came prepared mentally, and are not nervous.