Leaders in Learning

FUESD Certificated Staff, September 20, 2013 Vol. 1, Ed. 2

Put First Things First

Work first, then play....

This week's installment of Leaders in Learning will focus on providing Common Core resources. We have included a variety of resources to help build your Common Core math knowledge and give you some strategies to use in your classroom. Most of the clips are from Teaching Channel, which include lessons from Pre-K to 8th grade. Be sure to check out the "Questions to Consider" in the right sidebar of each lesson before watching the clip, and in some of the lessons there are shared materials in the "Supporting Materials" section.

On Monday, FUESD teachers received an email from Action Learning Systems Evaluation Services. Our District has been selected to give feedback on the many Professional Development opportunities provided through ALS. The account information, including username, password and link to the survey was included in the email.

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Think Win-Win

Everyone can win...

When we're left to our own experiences, we constantly suffer from a shortage of data.

--Stephen Covey, 2004

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Begin with the End in Mind

Have a plan...

Tuesday September 24

  • Course Planning

Wednesday September 25

  • DII Model Lesson at WHF

Thursday September 25

  • DII Model Lesson at PJHS

Friday September 27

  • DII Model Lessons at LOE and PJHS
  • Progress Reports Due

Tuesday October 1-Friday October 4

  • Parent teacher conferences (K-6; Minimum Day Schedule; MS at MFP and SOS)

Be Proactive

You're in charge...

Here is a clip from the series "Let's Chat Core." The presenter's "Ah-ha" moments are great.


Parent/Teacher conferences are just around the corner! This link gives great resources and clips about talking to parents about the CCSS.


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Seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood

Listen (or learn) before you talk (or teach).....

Are you wondering how to teach Pre-K students about counting and ordering numbers in a variety of ways? Here is a great clip:


A great kindergarten lesson using ten frames and visual images to build number combinations during carpet time.


Looking for a great example of math routines to use with your first graders? Here is an example. The end of the lesson uses a situational story for solving addition problems.


Building number sense with second and third graders is imperative in the CCSS. Here is a great lesson on using varied strategies for skip counting.


Using multiplication as repeated addition with your fourth graders?


Another great clip on teaching the mathematical practice of perseverance in a fifth grade classroom using a problem of the month.


Here is a sixth grade class that is lacking the depth and conceptual understanding of perimeter and area. Does that sound familiar? The teacher fills in the gaps in this lesson.


Getting ready to teach how to simplify expression is your seventh grade class? Here is a great clip using the Think-Pair-Share strategy.


This is a great clip on sorting and classifying equations in an 8th grade math class.



Together is better...

A Shout Out to Live Oak's 2nd grade Team this week, Ms. Froeberg, Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Hawkins, and Mrs. Smith! Students in their classes are hard at work on Standard OA2 - fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies. Teachers have introduced many strategies to help their students commit these sums and differences to memory, from using 10 frames to Rainbow Math, Doubles Plus 1, and more. Students like the varied strategies and enjoy practicing their facts with partners.

Sandy Turley's kindergarteners from Fallbrook Homeschool Academy are rocking Common Core Math putting number tiles in order from 1 to 22 correspond with their objects!

An Earth Friendly Shout Out to Cathleen Gange: Cathleen has been in charge of the paper recycling at San O for several years. Every week, Cathleen and some of her middle school students don the most fashinonable gloves and sweep through our school collecting paper from recycle bins. It's not an attractive or fun job, but we thank her for leading this Earth Friendly project.

With laser focus, FSS teachers are hard at work wading through the math CCSS, by putting themselves in students' shoes. The buzz on campus relates to terms such as "conceptual understanding," "manipulatives," and "draw and array!" We're all in this together!

La Paloma Rocks!! Teachers in all grade levels are finding and sharing websites and materials they have found to help support our Common Core math curriculum needs. Hours of time and energy are going into making their own materials as they strive to give their students the best instruction possible!!!

Mary Fay teachers from Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade, each had an amazing day of planning for Common Core Math. We were able to write several DII steps to utilize in the coming weeks. Way to go, Bulldogs!

Sharpen the Saw

Balance feels best....

“Real heroes don’t wear capes. They work in America’s schools.”