Parents Choose Their Teens Careers

Parents and Teens alike claim it's what's best

Ever since Harper was a young girl, she had always wanted to help people. No matter if it was giving a crying lady tissues at Sunday service or going on a mission trip to help a community of the homeless in need, she always walked in with an open heart and an open mind. She also had a hardcore dedication to music, hoping to someday combine the two things she loves most and to become a musical therapist -

But that all changed on her first day of high school.

She is now taking classes on accounting, business, and IT work, looking towards a career in the computer science fields and not even helping people in the slightest.

How could this be?

Well, a trend has come on in families across the nation: fearing their child will go into a field with unsatisfactory profit, the parents go to school board meetings and tell teachers what they want their child to be, putting the child in those types of classes.

And now Harper seems almost destined to be an IT worker for the rest of her life.

We asked Harper's parents about the dilemma and what they thought of it - and they were surprisingly thrilled.

"We always knew John couldn't be a musical therapist or anything in the field of helping others," Her father commented. "They only have tedious jobs of taking care of people and doesn't pay well - only about an average salary of $50,000 - but becoming a computer technician or computer scientist will surely give me enough money to retire on!"

Harper also commented on the scenario:

"I am a bit pained to not become an music therapist, but I suppose I can see why I need to be a computer scientist. After all, your dreams and aspirations don't matter in your future - all that matters is if you have enough money."