Pre-K Plans for Next Year

Create space to provide purposeful and meaningful play!

Our Goals:

  • Provide an environment where students and aides can focus on developing fine motor, gross motor, art, music, and oral language skills through meaningful play.
  • Provide spaces for the students where distractions are minimal and where they can maximize their attention on the skills being practiced during small group instruction

Creating the PK Activity Lab (PAL)

This room will be designed to focus on the domains from the PK guidelines and based on our research and what we know as best practices for our little ones to thrive.

The room will include areas for:

  • Fine Motor Skills- play-dough table, sand table, water table, art station
  • Gross Motor Skills- balance beam, bouncing balls, balls, activity center for coordination, music and dancing
  • Art- theme-based art station using different materials to express through arts
  • Oral Language Development- drama center, puppet station, opportunities to interact with peers and teacher
  • Intervention groups will take place in this room and the aides will be "housed" here. Aides will pull groups for math and literacy.

Our Proposal...