General Science Weekly Update

Mrs. Wilkinson

Weekly Schedule

9/19 Monday: "Rocket" Launching Lab

9/20 Tuesday: Metric/English Measuring Systems & Accuracy/Precision LAB: Wacky Rulers

9/21 Wednesday: Scientific Notation/ Activity: The Trouble with Turtles

9/22 Thursday: Dimensional Analysis and Conversion Factors/ LAB REPORT DUE TODAY

9/23 Friday: Dimensional Analysis and Conversion Factors/ Dimensional Analysis Quiz Monday (tentative)

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Design a Toy Challenge

Last week students designed a toy and wrote an instruction manual and this Friday, they had the opportunity to exchange their toys in order to follow the "clearly written" instruction manuals.

Students quickly realized that their photos may have been taken too far away from their subject to be effective and also realized that the step-by-step instructions weren't as easy to follow as they anticipated. At the end of the activity, each class took time to reflect on what they could have done better to make their manual easier to follow.

*I apologize in advance for the very blurry pictures! It's time for a new phone! :)

Honors Students Following the Toy Instructions

Collecting Data with Google Forms

As data and interpreting data continues to be such an important part of our daily lives, I felt that it was important that students learn how to electronically collect "unbiased" data. We did a number of activities in class where students looked at how data displayed graphically can be biased just by how it is presented on a graph. We talked about the checks and balances in science to prevent bias and then students were given a marketing challenge.

Students were "hired" by a marketing firm and asked to find the top 5 foods that Elizabethtown students would want in a vending machine. As they created their poll using Google forms, students had to decide on the question type, number of questions asked and audience polled. After collecting their data, students saw the ease with which Google forms analyzes the data.

We then discussed how to display and communicate our results. Students designed an infographic to display their data and to make a convincing graphical representation of their data. If you click on the links, you can see some of the best projects

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Remind Codes

To communicate with both students and parents, I use the safe-texting app called Remind. If you would like to register for class reminders now, here are the class codes. Just ask your student which block they have me for class and enter in the matching class code.

Text the following message code to 80101:

Honors General Science Block #1: @gsb1wilk

General Science Block #2: @gsb2wilk

General Science Block #3: @gsb3wilk

You may also click on the link below and it will take you directly to your child's class to register.

About Me!

My name is Nicole Wilkinson and this is my 0.6th year at Elizabethtown. I took over mid-year last year for Bobby Crick when he moved to the role of assistant principal. I began in the classroom over 20 years ago teaching Chemistry at Cedar Crest High School and then took a break to stay home and raise our 3 children. Overall, I have about 10 years of classroom experience with a BS in Chemistry/General Science/Secondary Education.

I am married to John and we have 3 children. I am an avid reader and love to walk/run/bike. You will often find me poolside cheering on our children who are competitive swimmers or playing the keyboards on a weekend at LCBC.

I look forward to making this an engaging semester of science for your students!