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Let's collaborate!

One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with you on lessons.

  • Do you have an idea that incorporates more tech, but you need support? I'll teach/support the tech while you handle the content.
  • Would you like to offer students better resources for their research, but you aren't sure where to go or how to use the databases we pay for? I'll show students how to use our amazing databases or where to locate better search engines than Google.
  • Are you thinking about ways to make lessons more engaging but not sure what to try next? I'll help you brainstorm how to turn a humdrum lesson into a life-applicable experience, where to find some apps or websites that might make review a little more interesting, or a way to incorporate technology that adds to the learning experience.

Just send me an email or stop on by and let me know when we can sit down and start the 'amazingness'! :-) It is even better if it is a project down the road as it gives me more time to check around.

*Quick shout-out to the amazing Amy Sims for designing my new "The Horns" logo!!*

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Quick Tech Tip of the Week!

Nothing is worse than going to fire up your projector and not being able to get your laptop screen to show up. It is also frustrating when suddenly you see one thing on your laptop but something different on your projection screen.

I mean, it worked 5 minutes ago. What is going on?

Here's what to do....

1. My projector is on and I have tried changing input/source with no luck

* Click the windows button on the lower left portion of your keyboard and the letter P

* Select "clone" or "extend"

* You should see your screen pop up!

2. My laptop was cloned (meaning you see the exact same thing on laptop and projection screen) but now I see something different (often you see blue screen on projection screen and normal laptop screen).

* Are you showing a PowerPoint? For some reason this automatically changed your mode into "extend screen".

*To switch back to "clone", click the Windows button and the letter P at the same time.

Jenn Brower, Library Media Specialist at Portage Middle School

I can help with...

  • iPads - anything from trouble shooting to app suggestions
  • Tech integration / Tech support for lessons
  • General tech troubleshooting
  • Library books - including inter-library loan
  • English novels / book club choices
  • Research Support
  • Curate online resources using symbaloo
  • And more!