BY: Ryan, Gabe, Geremiah

Why did we choose this topic

For our group, we decided to research more about solar power and how it could be beneficial to our school. We decided this, because we thought it saved a lot of energy and can save us a lot of money. In the morning, we all notice how sunlight hits our school, so adding solar panels to our roofs will be useful in collecting sunlight as an energy source.

How is sunlight absorbed

Photovoltaic cells collect sunlight to produce electricity many scientists researched to make these solar panels.

Some fun facts

California uses the most solar power in the country

While the US has 3,900% more sun than Germany, the smaller European country has 6,000% more solar.

The worlds largest solar energy plant (at the time of this writing) is actually in Canada, at 80 MW.

$83,000 – that’s the amount that one Air Force base in Nevada saves per month after installing a solar energy array on site.

Solar Energy 101 - How Solar Panels Work

My conclusion (Gabriel)

Solar energy is the future, and will be able to bring endless supply of energy for our school. Solar panels might be expensive, but in the long run it will save more money than using other energy resources.