on the verge of war with vietnam

by tyler joyce

advisors sent to vietnam

"3,000 advisors are sent to Vietnam to train the Vietnamese of the democratic south Vietnam. John F. Kennedy has pledged full support to the south Vietnamese president and said that he would aid south Vietnam against the communist north."

USA advisors in Vietnam

who, what, when, where, why, and how

US troops are sent into Vietnam to protect southern Vietnam from falling to communist expansion. leaders in the US are concerned that the fall of Vietnam would have a domino effect on the entire Asian region and that other countries within the region would follow suite and defect to communism.

students oppose to war draft for vietnam

"students in Washington, DC peacefully demonstrated against going to war with Vietnam. after John F Kennedy announced a draft for the war effort a mass of people began protesting at the white house gates."

gulf of tonkin incident

there were two separate occasion in the gulf of Tonkin where US naval warships were attacked by north Vietnamese torpedo boats, but the second encounter with north Vietnamese ships was falsified to enrage and provoke the US public into committing to the war effort.
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war in vietnam takes a dramatic turn

"and incident in southern Vietnam where US troops reportedly slaughtered an entire village full of innocent men, women, and children has been confirmed. US officials are saying that the people within the village were apart of the Vietcong and that militia have been given safe haven within the area. further reports on the matter are unknown at this time as military investigators are still investigating the situation."
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vietnam news report