Social Studies Week 5

A Test, Mars, and Reading Like a Historian

Week of 10.5 - 10.9

10.5: We went over The Louisiana Purchase map activity and assigned it for homework. We talked about the acronym TODALSS and the essential parts of a map.

10.6: Went over map basics and discussed a primary source titled "Notes on Virginia 1788" by Thomas Jefferson. The kids took turns deciphering Jefferson's attitude towards the slaves and Native Americans (ask them about it, it was quite eye-opening).

10.7: We took notes on what it meant to read like a historian. We learned that we have to consider the source first before we can determine if it is reliable or not. We then examined a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware to determine if is was a reliable source for a historian.

10.8: We took the Unit 1 Test many of the students quickly asked about a re-take option...there is one. Also had the chance to meet many parents at conferences which was great.

10.9: We went over the results of the test and the re-take was addressed for those wishing to take it on Monday the 12th during class. Click here to see the re-take questions. Students will study all five questions but we will blind draw three to write on.