Basic grammar online.

learn basic English grammar easily.

learn basic English grammar easily.

In today's world, every one needs to be comunicating easily and many peopple are learning a second language, and specially English is a very important tool in these days.

Basic grammar online is a virtual platform in which you will be able to learn very easily the basic gramar of English, this is a very good oportunity nowadays, so if you want, just enrrol in, it's very easy.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

schedule for virtual class.

every week there is going to be a new subject, you can enter in the plattform whenever you want.

what will you precisely learn in this course?

As this is a basic grammar course the maximum level in which you will be is B1.

in a virtual plattform is very difficult to evaluate the pronunciation so you will do mostly writing and reading skils.

There will be readings and funny videos every week-end about the topic in which we are working precisely. We bring the whole information for you to feel like a face to face class. We hope you enjoy it.

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