Edwin Hubble

By: Melissa Len

Life and Death

Born on November 20 1889

Died on September 28, 1953


Edwin Hubble was born on November 20, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. His parents names were John Powell Hubble and Virginia Lee Hubble. When he was 10 years old, Hubble and his seven siblings moved with their parents to Chicago, Illinois. There, Hubble attended high school and was very good at sports such as track and field. He broke the Illinois state high jump record. He was very good at sports that he even coached high school basketball for a short while before dedicating his life to science. He graduated from the University of Chicago where he studied astronomy and math. He earned his bachelor degree in science in 1910. He then studied law at Oxford university and then served in WWI. After WWI he returned to the University of Chicago and earned his doctorate in 1917.
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Discoveries and Contributions to Science

Hubble's contributed to science by finding a constant relationship between galaxies redshift and distance. This helped prove how the universe constantly is expanding. He also created a classification system for galaxies that has been used by other researchers known as the Hubble sequence that has been used for the past century. Hubble proved that other galaxies existed outside of the Milky Way. By proving that other galaxies existed, scientists had a better idea of how big the universe is and the possibility of other planets out there.


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