La Sorbonne

Architected beautifully by Henry Paul Nénot

La Sorbonne, or Paris Sorbonne Université is not only know as a school for high education, but also for its history and structure. When you visit the Latin Quarter in Paris, you can't help but marvel at the historical campus, which dates back to the 13th century.

Interesting Facts

-Established in 1253 and founded by Robert de Sorbon

-Home of one of the biggest libraries in France

-Also known as The University of Paris

-The school was rebuilt by Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century

-Tuition cost is free, but you still have to pay your own housing and food


La Sorbonne was not always a university, but it is the main inheritor of the old Sorbonne, a historical house. It began as a college in 1253, for a very small group of poor students that had an interest in studying theology. It evolved centuries later into what is now one of the most important universities in Paris.

Well-Known Topics

Paris-Sorbonne Université

General Admission:

Monday to Friday


Tour Prices :

9 Euros per person

4 Euros per person (in large groups)