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March 22, 2023

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Fourth Week Of Lent

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Grandparent's Day is TOMORROW!

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Enclosed is a detail timeline, what to expect, and a link for volunteer opportunities in assisting with our special day tomorrow.



Grandparents arrive in Marian Hall to meet their

grandchildren and sit with them at Mass (late arrivals

will meet grandchildren after the liturgy).


Holy Mass begins.


Grandparents share a light breakfast, BINGO, school

tour, and craft with their grandchild(ren).


Farwell to grandparents and the continuation of the

school day.


Friday (March 31) is the end of the third quarter. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 that day. Please be sure to make the adjustments in transportation plans for that afternoon.

Morning Prayers

God, help those who live in others shadows and shine your light on them and help them to live as you lived. Forgive those who sin and do wrong. Thank you for the Earth that you gave to your children to live on. God you help many people in need of love and hapiness. Shine your light on us for we are your children who live and praise you. Thank you for our friends and family, and plants and animals. Help those who suffer in pain or feel sad. Thank you father for all you have done for us. Amen -Luke Braam 5M

Dear Lord, thank you for all the gifts you have given us. We ask you for your help to do good this Lenten season and to stay strong and keep our Lenten promises as we prepare for Easter. We also ask that you watch over all of us and our families and friends. Amen- Emily Thorne 5M

Dear Lord, Please help us during the Lenten season to keep our Lenten promises and to help other. Please guide us to forgive people whom we have hurt or injured. Help us to give more and to turn away from sin and make the right choices. Thank you for sending your one and only son for us. Amen- Stella Klein 4J

Emmaus Road Scholarship

Turn your Tax Dollars Into Scholarships for Immaculate Conception School!

This is a great time of year to review your tax returns to see if you would have benefited from donating to the Emmaus Road Scholarship. Check line 8C on your Ohio IT 1040 form which will show the amount you owe the state as a taxpayer. If line 10 is greater than $0, you can reduce your liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis with a gift to the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund, up to $750 or $1,500 if married and filing jointly. You can name Immaculate Conception School as the recipient. Last year (2022) we had 16 individual/couples name IC School as the recipient of their tax dollars totaling $15,495.00.

Support School Choice for all Ohio Families

As a decades-long champion of parental choice in education, the Catholic Conference of Ohio is urging legislators to support SB 11 (Enact the Parental Education Freedom Act) and allow every student in the state of Ohio the opportunity to receive an EdChoice Scholarship. This support adheres to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states, ‘As those first responsible for the education of their children, parents have the right to choose a school for them which corresponds to their own convictions. This right is fundamental’ (CCC 2229).

Let's continue to advocate for this fundamental right and to allow students of all backgrounds and income levels to attend Catholic schools. Ask your Ohio Senator to support SB 11 and uphold the family as the central social institution of society by sending the following message.

Offertory- Presentation of the Gifts

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Parish families are invited to carry up the offertory gifts at weekend Masses. We bring up the bread and wine and offer ourselves and all that we have to the Lord. If you wish to be part of this Ministry, go to You may also sign up by going to and click on Presentation of the Gifts in the scrolling banner.

We would like to encourage the following grade levels to sign up during the months assigned. However, this is only a suggestion. You are welcome to sign up for whatever date and time works best for your family.

March- Sixth Grade

April- Seventh Grade

May- Eighth Grade

Thank you for your consideration in participating.

Nationwide Children’s School-Based Health Center

St. Mary School German Village has partnered with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to provide

students with the same health care services they would receive at a doctor’s office – right at

school. The Nationwide Children’s school-based health center at St. Mary School, located on

the second floor of the Burkley Center, provides additional access to health care and is open to all catholic school families and community members.

  • The school-based health center at St. Mary School German Village can:
  • Help when your child has a sore throat, bad cough, earache, headache
  • Give shots (immunizations)
  • Do blood work
  • Perform checkups (well visits)
  • Provide sports physicals
  • Connect you with a doctor
  • And more

The center is not meant to replace a child’s existing pediatrician but provide help to those

students who do not have one. Consent is required for your child to be seen.

Behavioral and mental health services will soon be available at the school-based health center. See the school counselor for more information.

To schedule an appointment or learn more call (614) 355-2590 or visit Connection.

2023 ART SHOW!!!

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Mark your calendars for the 2023 Immaculate Conception School Art Show. The theme is "Art Through the Ages." The students created pieces inspired by art of the ancient world through contemporary art. Some time periods covered are Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and Expressionism. The show is located in the school gym and all are invited to attend this FREE event. Please invited friends and family for the students are proud to show off their masterpieces. Light refreshments will be provided by HASA after the weekend masses. The show will also be open during the last fish fry, if you would like to treat your family to a fish dinner then come and enjoy the show. The flyer with details and times was made by Alayna Devlin (7th grade) and is enclosed.

Re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 School Year

Thank you!

Thank you to all of those that have completed the re-enrollment for next year! We still have 40 students that have not started the reenrollment packet. We will begin reaching out to these parents starting next week.

If you need help, please contact our Admissions Director, Mrs. Katie Lewis at and she would be happy to help.

Preschool Corner

In Preschool this week, we are learning about weather and how to be weather forecasters or meteorologists! Also, we are getting ready for our special Grandparents Day celebration on Thursday!

HASA & ICAA Information

Bishop Watterson Youth Baseball night

Flower Sale Has Been Extended!

Flower Sale Update!! We are extending our Sale until 3/30!!! This is a huge extension but Foertmeyer thought it best since Spring Break was right in the middle! This will help us get closer to our goal!!!

School-wide Goal of 2,000 plants = Dress Down day for all!

Grade that sells the most gets a DONUT PARTY!

As of Monday 3/20. we have sold 1,579 plants!!!

Third place: Fifth

Second place: Kindergarten

First place: Seventh

Delivery Day is Saturday, May 13th 9am-noon (Day before Mother's Day!)

Questions? Please reach out to Katie Winland at

Dine Out Night March 29th

Chicken piccata, homemade lasagna, charcuterie meats and cheeses, Caprese salad, fresh baked Italian bread, wedding soup, DIY cannoli... Is your mouth watering yet?

Berwick's Taste of Italy Tour comes to IC on Wednesday, March 29th with all of these delicious foods and more.

Please visit, select Taste of Italy, then choose IC's date 03/29. Peruse their offerings, select your items, and pay for your cart. Come to IC's parking lot on Wednesday 03/29 from 5-6 to pick up your family's order!

Information Station

  • March 22- Flower Sale Ends
  • March 23- Grandparent's Day (8:00-11:30am)
  • March 23- School Advisory Board Meeting
  • March 24- Stations of the Cross (Gr K-4 at 2pm)
  • March 26- 8th Grade Dance Club (St. Brendan 3-5pm)
  • March 29- Dine out Night - Berwick "Taste of Italy"
  • March 31- Art Show Open (1:30-2:30 pm & 5:30-7:30 pm)
  • March 31- Stations of the Cross (Gr 5-8 at 12:45pm)
  • March 31- Early Dismissal 1:30pm
  • April 1- Art show open after Mass (5-6pm)
  • April 2- Art Show open after Mass (9:30-10:30 & 12:00-1pm)
  • April 2- 8th Grade Dance Club (St. Brigid 3-5pm)

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