Regional Swim Meet

This summer, I had a regional swim meet. It represents physical science because it had to do with the laws of motion when you were swimming. I had four events and I got first in the heat for three of them. The events were the 100 meter freestyle, the 200 medley relay, the 100 meter butterfly and the 400 meter IM.
In all of my events to start off, we used the diving board. Usually, everything went as normal but in the 200 medley relay, I swam first, which was butterfly. I dove off and I did everything as I normally did. I was swimming back and was almost at the end when the next person swimming dove off. In swimming for relays you are supposed to wait until the person swimming touches the wall so you can take off but I didn't touch the wall yet. So she was swimming backstroke and she had her back to the water so she thought I had already reached the wall. She took off and dove on top of me so our team got disqualified for that event since it was technically a false start.
I swim a lot and I'm very busy after school with swim or soccer or other things. I spend a lot of my spare time watching Supernatural and Marvel movies and finding out a lot of unnecessary information about them. I also like to read a lot but I'm slightly picky about the kind of books that I like and I really don't like math.