Environmental Science


On this page I will tell you about pollution and why it is an issue to our environment.

First of all, Pollution is a killer we try to get rid of it but yet we humans make it. It damages our beautiful planet and can be a problem to the people who live on it.

We humans produce pollution in many different ways. And not in just Industrial and Commercial waste like factories making and letting out toxic waste or chemical waste being let into rivers and lakes. It can also involve light pollution and sound pollution.

Why is Pollution a Problem?

Here are many reasons why pollution is a huge problem in our world.

  • Pollution and disease go hand in hand. In fact, about 40 percent of deaths around the

World can be attributed to air, water and soil pollution. The Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland ranked the planet's most severe pollution threats and the health problems associated with them.

  • People need at least 70 liters of fresh water daily for drinking, cooking and cleaning. As populations near or along bodies of water become urbanized, their industrial and agricultural waste often seeps into the nearby freshwater supply, making it either unusable or hazardous.

  • Lax regulations on metal smelting and processing contribute to severe pollution problems in nearby communities. The process of extracting metals from ore releases lead, arsenic and cadmium into the air, where they can travel for miles.

  • Groundwater accounts for 97 percent of the world's accessible freshwater reserves. It seeps into the ground from rain, snowmelt, lakes and rivers. So too does water tainted by fertilizers, pesticides, motor oil and industrial waste, which in turn flows into drinking wells, streams or lakes.

  • Excavating minerals is a dirty process. Rolling hills become piles of wreckage with toxic elements buried among the waste. As rain and air mix with the rubble, the slurry seeps down the hills and trickles into nearby surface and groundwater.

  • In many poor areas of the world, human and household waste gets discarded into local waterways where it poses a major health threat. Untreated sewage hosts a number of waterborne diseases, including cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

These are the reasons that pollution is a problem in our world because no one takes the time to care about our environment.

Pollution is a Global Killer

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