WMRHSD Online Courses

Fall-Spring 2014-2015

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Three Online Self-Paced Courses are Now Available in Haiku!

West Morris is pleased to now offer three completely online professional development courses for staff including Haiku 101, Google Drive, and YouTube for EDU.

Those who choose to enroll in the course(s) and complete the culminating activity will earn 0.3333 credits along with a badge signifying their expertise in educational technology.

Course Descriptions

Haiku 101:

Haiku 101 provides an all encompassing overview of the tools and features built into Haiku necessary for a successful implementation. The course will focus on the benefits of Haiku for students, the benefits of Haiku for teachers, how to login to Haiku, the portal, combining sections and creating a new class, making classes active/inactive, adding content, creating assignments, events, announcements, and assessments, and linking Haiku classes to a website.

Google Drive:

This course is designed for educators who are new to using Google Drive/ Documents or who have previously used Google Drive/ Documents but would like a refresher course. Participants will learn how to create and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, utilize Google Documents for collaborative writing and reading exercises, Use Google Forms and Spreadsheets for collecting and analyzing data, and investigate ways to leverage Google Documents as a publishing platform. Management of files in Google Drive will be covered as well.

YouTube for EDU:

YouTube for EDU is a comprehensive course constructed to expose the participant to all of the features and tools YouTube has to offer. Participants who successfully complete this course should be able to identify why YouTube is an essential tool for content delivery, create a YouTube channel, discover effective techniques for searching for videos relative to their content area, build a playlist of curated videos, and leverage the YouTube editor as a viable option for video projects.

Registration Info

Please register for each online course through MyLearningPlan.com by December 31st, 2014. Once registered, you will receive notification of enrollment in the course within 24 hours. The course(s) should appear under "My Classes" in the Haiku portal.

There is a culminating activity at the end of each course that must be submitted before earning 0.3333 credits and receiving your badge. The course(s) must be completed by April 30, 2015. Completion of all three courses is equal to 1 credit.