"Shakespeare it Off, MacBeth"

INtroduction to Shakespeare and MAcBeth

The Life of William Shakespeare

Understanding Shakespeares Writing

There were three major differences between Shakespeares writing and our writing today:

1. Unusual Word Arrangements- Shakespeare would write in a Yoda-esque way, switch words around that would not normally make sense in our sentences today. He would change, "I am going to get lunch" to "to get lunch I am going." This sentence still makes sense but it is very confusing.

2.Language- Shakespeare had a way with words to say the least. Shakespeare used or invented words, such as asassination. This causes a problem because we think we know what a word means but then we realize that it does not make sense in the contents of the sentence

3. Omissions- We use omissions in our daily life but they are hard to decipher when we are reading it in a story. Omissions are when we combine two words into one or reduce the letters used in spelling the word. Examples such as, "tis" for it is or "ope" for open.

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The picture above depicts the conflict between King Duncan of Scotland and Macbeth. King Duncan was a poor King and many people wanted to remove him of power. Macbeth got an army and ended up overthrowing King Duncan.

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The Setting of Macbeth

This is a video to give you an idea about what the characters were witnessing throughout the course of the story.
Scotland's Geography.