Jane Ball Happenings

Week of February 8- February 12

Shout outs

Shout outs to Kier Brinkley for last week going above and beyond by helping one of our 2nd graders who got sick at the Cedar Lake Library and had to stay with her and get her back to Jane Ball. Kier you are such a great addition to the Jane Ball Staff. Kier starting with week will also be increasing the time she is at JB by working with some of our grade 3 students helping remediate reading.

Shout outs to Val for her amazing coaching job and our own Jane Ball staff for their amazing Uptown Funk! The students are so excited by the One Book One school program. Shout out to our own Marcie Duncan for organizing this huge event at both schools! Her website is amazing!

Whats Happening


8:00 Personal PD

File Reviews. Grades 1, 3, 4 and 5. Conference room during preps

1:15. Deb Case conference


8:00. Team Meetings

10:30-10:55. Operation Lifesaver Grades K-2

11:00-11:35 Operation Lifesaver Grades 3-5. (ALL lunches will be 20 minutes later please refer to the email)

File Reviews for grades K and 2 during preps.

Yearbook pictures throughout the day

6pm. Board Meeting


8:00 Crisis Go training Library


3:45. PTO meeting Library


8:00. Grade Level Chairs. Conference Room

8:30-11:30. Grade 1 literacy training

9:00 am Deb Case Conference

Valentine Day Parties

Dip Baby DIP day!



Glenda from Service Center

Crisis Go- This WEDNESDAY

In order to be prepared for this meeting, you will need to do the following:

  • Download the Crisis Go app to your phone or device. If you do not have a phone or tablet, John will push it out to your laptop. You just need to let him know.
  • Update the app. It needs to be updated frequently, as it changes based upon enrollment, staff changes, etc. My suggestion is to update it Tuesday so there would be minimal updates needed (if any)

This meeting is very important. ALL available staff must attend. If you are needed to supervise students, it is understandable that you would not attend. If you are unsure, please ask me.

Testing and File Reviews

Grades K-1 please make sure that ALL students assessed as probable readers on Early Literacy take the Star Reading test. The window for Star will be closed on Wednesday. If you have any students you need tested email me and Lesley IMMEDIATELY.

File Reviews will take place on Mondday and Tuesday during preps in the conference room. Please double check your google docs and ensure all your information is updated. If you have any questions please let me know.

Operation Lifesaver

Please front load your students and remind them of assembly behavior and the importance of listening to this important presentation. If you have any questions about schedules or LUNCH schedule changes please let me know.