Franklin's Fabulous Fourth Grade

Mrs. Alders, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Sandhurst

February Calendar

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What We're Learning This Month


In Reading, we will be finishing our 4th Grade Standards with Author's Purpose and Distinguishing Fact and Opinion. We will continue to practice all of our Reading Standards before standardized testing. Please continue to look at the weekly reading quizzes that come home to see how your child is doing with our standards.


In Math, we will begin to work with Advanced Standards. We will take all of our fourth grade standards and now re-teach them at a higher level. We will continue to practice all of the fourth grade standards and re-teach standards that are not yet mastered for students.


In Writing, we will continue to write our Research Paper on a U.S. State. Students will finish writing a rough draft and type the final draft. We will share the final draft with you a spring conferences!

Social Studies

In social studies, we will take a "Tour of the States" and visit each of our 50 states. We will learn information about each state and write these in our "passports". What a fun way to learn!

What's Going On This Month?

Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Each day, there will be a school-wide activity around Black History Month. In fourth grade, students will learn about past and present influential Black Americans.

Bingo For Books!

February is also "I Love to Read Month". To kick off the month, Franklin will have a "Bingo for Books" Night! Please refer to the following information sent in the last Frankin Flier for details.
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